Our approach

When you use the services of language professionals to help with your business communications, you rightly expect a high standard of quality. Quality is a key priority for BusiText. To make sure we live up to this promise, we have developed an approach based on a number of fixed principles.

  1. We assess your requirements
    When you contact us – by phone, e-mail or using the online quote form – our first aim is to obtain an exact picture of your specific wishes and requirements. If we need to, we may ask you for additional information. For instance, information about your intended audience, the text type, the purpose of your text, the size of the text, the required language combinations for the job and the preferred turnaround time. With this information, we will then provide you with a no-obligation quote or advice.  
  2. Tailored proposal
    Our no-obligation quote provides you with clear information tailored to your specific communication needs. The quote will state the type of the work, the required language or language combinations, the total size of the text, the applicable rate (per word or per hour), any discounts that apply, the fee total and the delivery date. 
  3. The right person for the job
    If you accept our quote, we will get straight to work on your assignment. This means that we will match your order to the most suitable language professional available in our network. We select the most appropriate language professional based on relevant linguistic expertise, of course, but also on proven subject-matter knowledge of the subject covered in your text.
  4. Second pair of eyes
    The standard procedure for translations includes a check of the text by a second translator or revisor. Depending on the assignment and following consultation, a second quality assurance step can also be included with our other services.
  5. Single point of contact
    Throughout all stages of your order – from the initial contact to the moment of delivery – all communications with your are handled by a single point of contact within BusiText. This ensures a rapid response, avoiding the need to explain what you want over and over. 
  6. Smart technology
    Where possible, we use advanced software applications to optimise our workflow, providing an added assurance of the quality of our services.
  7. Confidentiality
    You can rest assured that we deal responsibly with any confidential information you provide to us in the context of the assignment. See also our General Terms and Conditions.