There’s no margin for error in business communication!

As businesses and organisations, we continually communicate with our stakeholders in all kinds of ways. You communicate with your existing and potential customers, of course, but also with partners, suppliers, staff, shareholders and other interested parties. In all cases, you have a message that you want to convey to your specific audience, and any errors that creep in could cost you dearly. This is especially true of the written word. Spelling mistakes and poor grammar are not just annoying, but they can also put readers off. They distract your readers from the message you're trying to convey. Or worse still, they could even do harm to the image which you have carefully crafted for yourself as a professional and quality-focused organisation. 
It therefore makes sense to have your business texts checked by experienced language professionals.

Professional proofreading of your texts?

Do you want to be 100% certain that your brochure, manual or report doesn’t contain any annoying mistakes before you order a print run? Would you like your website texts to be given a final once-over? BusiText has extensive experience in proofreading all sorts of texts for business. We will meticulously and methodically check your texts for spelling mistakes, typographical errors and incorrect grammar, as well as stylistic lapses and injudicious use of punctuation.

Professional editing of your texts?

Text editing goes one step further. Apart from correcting poor spelling, grammar and punctuation, we also check that the text conveys your message clearly and effectively. We look at aspects such as how the text is structured and organised. Is it structured in a logical, coherent way? Is it well organised? We also examine the sentence structure, use of terminology, style and register. Are your sentences clear, not too long and easy to read? Is the use of terminology, style and register appropriate for your intended audience, for the subject matter and the purpose of your text?  

In both scenarios, we will of course correct and improve your text wherever necessary. Be sure that your text will make the right impression on your intended audience!  

Still not sure? Request a quick scan!

We appreciate that it may be difficult for you to decide whether your business text might benefit from proofreading or editing. In that case, please feel free to send us your text for a free quick scan. We will then send you a brief response with our key findings. If we believe that your text would benefit from proofreading or editing, we will also send you a no-obligation quote detailing our fee, delivery date and other conditions.

Would you like to know more or request a free quick scan? Please contact us today.

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